Orin’s Fanaccount – Wonder Girls’ Showcase in Jakarta (June 20th, 2010)

26 Jun

This is my personal fanaccount. I came to the showcase to see my idol & it’s just like a dream come true! There’s just plenty Kpop artistes who already came to Indonesia & it was few years ago. By the time, the Wonder Girls came here and make the fans of Kpop in Indonesia excited to see them!

I found this at a store of Sony Ericsson in Pondok Indah Mall, Jakarta (June 14, 2010)

Sony Ericsson has pointed the Korean phenomenon Wonder Girls as the Brand Ambassador for Asia Pacific. The brand then make a tour plan in Asia Pacific’s countries where they would promote Sony Ericsson, and it’s including Indonesia. After the girls made an appearance in Singapore, they fly to Jakarta on June 19th, and arrived at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. What I heard from my friends, there are many fans came to the airport. A bus then picked up the girls to the hotel where they would be stay & make a press a conference.

The press conference itself held by Sony Ericsson with the Wonder Girls on 19th’s afternoon. There were many Indonesian Wonderfuls gathered & join the event. I didn’t know it was happened & I was just at home. If I knew the time of the press conference, I should be there at the time! Unlucky me.


The showcase held on Sunday night, June 20th, in Balai Kartini Jakarta, which there’s a lot of attendants like about 3000 people. I came along with my best friend as we got a ticket after I bought a Sony Ericsson-branded bluetooth headset.

The ticket that I got after I bought an accesory of Sony Ericsson

It started on 7pm, although the event’s plans should be on 6pm. There are 2 popular MCs in Indonesia who guide the events at the night, Melaney Ricardo & Ichsan Akbar, also a co-MC Chacha Jessica who reported how the show’s going (later then she showed up only at the broadcast time on a TV channel). SHE, an Indonesian female band & Vidi Aldiano, a popular soloist do the openings as they brought their own songs which total of 9 songs.

I forgot how the sort of appearances showed up, but there’s also 3 teams which danced-like the Wonder Girls appeared to get the 1st place of the Nobody dance competition, which getting scored by the Wonder Girls themselves. The 2nd team, S! Project wins the competition & it has announced by the Wonder Girls on the stage. How lucky they are, they took the photos with the girls, hug them, & even got cool prizes: Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini per person. Wow! Envious! There’s also a winner of the contest called “How Wonderlicious are you?” which the fans must made a facebook page dedicated to the Wonder Girls and the impressive one would win. The winner is a girl, who also got the X10 Mini. Lucky!

There are also some clips which showed on the big screens, including the advertisements & Wonder Girls’ trip to a kids’ foundation called Yayasan Sayap Ibu. They have some funs there, some kids are dancing to Nobody, then they got some pictures of them which drawed by the kids. And they also donated to the foundations in total of Rp. 46millions. How sweet! The music video of their recent song 2 Different Tears also showed up along with the footage & artist comments for their album launching.

The real shows then started! The girls appeared from the backstage & greet us! They even said some greets in Indonesian. Amazing! As the opening, they sang 2 Different Tears. After that, Sunye (Sun) said, Selamat malam, Jakarta!” (Good evening, Jakarta!) & all of us screaming so loud because of surprised. Ye Eun (Yenny) also said, “Kami cinta Jakarta.” (We love Jakarta) & all of us screaming louder as we touched so much! Then, they introduced themselves & told how they enjoyed the short-period in Jakarta. They told us that they ate some Indonesian’s foods such as “abon” & “tempe”. They also thanked Sony Ericsson for the great opportunities.

Later then, they performed the 2nd song, Don’t Cha, extended with So Hot. They were hot! They heated up the venues! On the break, they invite us to sing together. The music started, it’s This Time. The song’s so sweet & I love it so much.
After the song ended, they changed the clothes to the backstage & a footage clip about they trip in the USA appeared. It brings back many memories, especially when Sunmi (Mimi) still there with the girls.

After the clips ended, the girls out with their epic 80’s gold costumes & started to sing Nobody, without the mics. All of us sing together more and more loud! They sweated so much because of the hot venue. And then, they told us to sing together for the last song, Tell Me. As the time goes, they said the farewell, although we need more. Yoobin said “Aku akan merindukanmu!” (I will be missing you!). There’s a fun moment when Yoobin forgot what she wants to said like, “Aku akan merindu..kan..” and she stopped. Later then, Yeeun said something in her ears & Yoobin continued the words. How cute! It seems like Yeeun is the one who remembered Indonesian words the most XD Sohee then said, “Aku cinta kamu.” (I love you.). Lim (Hyerim) didn’t say any words in Indonesian, but she shows her talents so well at that night.

Even though it was just in short time, I’m satisfied to see the girls directly. However, I hope the Wonder Girls will come back to Indonesia very soon! Thank you so much for bringing us a precious moments, girls. I will never forget that moment & waiting for the next time!

Much condolences for leader Min Sunye‘s father who passed away on June 23rd. I’m hoping all the best for Sunye & God will give her a lot of patience. I love you & please don’t be sad. Be Strong, Sunye!


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