Sony Ericsson introduced Wonder Girls as the Digital Brand Ambassador 2010

27 Jun


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Recently, Sony Ericsson assigned Wonder Girls as the brand ambassador 2010 for Asia Pacific. As a distinguished brand with the best portofolio of communication entertainment this time, Sony Ericsson gives a chance for its consumers to take a part of this group’s activities who communicated with family & friends, about anythings happened on their trip through social networking Facebook and Twitter.

Wonder Girls is a 5-membered-group from South Korea who become famous because of their exsistensy in virtual world. They are one of plenty Asia’s artists who succed breaking through the USA market with their hit single Nobody. This song has been a phenomenon in YouTube & already watched by about more than 11 millions people until now.

“We’re really understand that the develop of social media and digital has changed consumer’s experiences in using of mobile phones, especially how they consumed mobile contents. With the Wonder Girls, we want to make what called communication entertainment being real,” said Djunadi Satrio, Sony Ericsson Indonesia’s Head of Marketing.

As the digital brand ambassador, Wonder Girls will go around Asia Pacific to alived Sony Ericsson’s effort in digital rooms by touching their fans through Spread the Wonder program. In Indonesia, the purpose of this activity is to encourage the public to share their life experiences on digital mode through the social networks.

Wonder Girls’ visit to Indonesia which continued by a showcase in Jakarta is what the consumer and their fans waiting for. Because of the tickets are not for sale, its given for free when the consumers buy any types of Sony Ericsson’s handset or accessories on the roadshow which held in 5 cities & Sony Ericsson’s or Wellcomm’s stores in Jakarta & Bandung. The chances to get the tickets became more attractive with any contests in Sony Ericsson Society Indonesia’s Facebook page, where the fans must showed how much they love for this group.

The program, Spread the Wonder has 2 kind of contests, the first one is `Dance like the Wonder Girls`, which the participants make a team & recorded themselves when they danced to `Nobody` like the original one and upload it onto Sony Ericsson Society Indonesia’s Facebook page. Besides Indonesia, this contest also held in 12 countries of Asia Pacific. The second one is `How Wonder Girlicious are You?` which the true fans of Wonder Girls must made a Facebook page dedicated to the idols and informed their fans who hasn’t know them yet including breaking news, and ask their friends to `like` the fan page.

The fan page maker contest goes on May 1st until June 6th, 2010, which prized tickets for 5 persons & a special gift from Sony Ericsson also a chance to meet the Wonder Girls at the backstage on the showcase. For the dance contest, which held for Asia Pacific region goes on April 1st until July 8th, 2010 and in Indonesia itself held on May 1st until June 6th, 2010, where the winner team will be gifted the tickets for 10 persons & also a chance to meet the Wonder Girls at the backstage. The dance competition’s winner will be choosen by Wonder Girls themselves. (pit)

Translated by Orin.


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