Video of the Day: miss A – Bad Girl, Good Girl

8 Jul

Let’s take a break for a while! =D

All of Kpop lovers must have know about the news that a lot of newbie debuted this year. And of course, the most booming one is for girlgroup. There’s a lot of girlgroups debuted along since 2009 until now. I even just know some of them lol

In 2009, I felt in love with the newcomers such as After School and f(x). I also like some songs from 2NE1 and 4Minute. Although that, I have no new idol, or I can say that no one impressed me. There’s also a lot of girlgroups out on 2010, such as SISTAR or Girl’s Day. But I just have interest with this one: miss A, the new girlgroup from AQ Entertainment, a sub-label of JYP Entertainment.

Suzy, Min, Fei, & Jia

miss A is a 4-membered group, consist of 2 members from China, Fei & Jia; also 2 members from Korea, Min & Suzy. They debuted with their main song “Bad Girl, Good Girl” from their first mini album “BAD BUT GOOD” released on July 1st, 2010. They have their first debut stage at MNET M!Countdown on the same day.

Check out miss A’s debut music video “Bad Girl, Good Girl” below.

I dunno why, but I thought this song is so catchy & addictive. I’m also impressed with their stage performances. They’re so energetic & powerful. Their voices also good! My sister even loves them since the first time she saw the video. I recommended this girlgroup =P I’ve been waiting for another girlgroup like this for long times.

Don’t forget to visits their official links:
Official AQ Ent’s Miss A Official Site:
Official Daum Fan Cafe:
Official YouTube Channel:

You also can join the international fan forum:


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