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@IndoJumpingBoA special merchandises: AVAILABLE!

21 Sep

Hey! @IndoJumpingBoA have cool stuffs for y’all!


Indonesian Jumping BoA T-Shirt

Our T-Shirt (Front)

Our T-Shirt (Back)

P.S: I’m sorry for being manly ._.

Our T-Shirt (Front)

Our T-Shirt (Back)

P.S: Thanks to Michelle for being our model! LOL

Indonesian Jumping BoA wristband

(The actual color is Pearl Yellow, BoA’s official fanclub color)



-@FrauleinJill @IndoJumpingBoA-



10 Sep


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Heyho! Selamat datang di blog Fraulein. Karena ini blog lama, jadi hiraukan saja ya post-post ‘aneh’ yg sudah lama 😛 Terima kasih buat kalian semua yg terus mendukung & mempercayakan kami hingga saat ini. Terima kasih juga untuk kesabarannya menantikan post mengenai support project untuk BoA ini. Karena beberapa hal, saya sedikit susah untuk mendapatkan koneksi internet beberapa hari ini. Berikut ini merupakan link summary dari projects yg  dibuat oleh Indonesian Jumping BoA.

PROJECT #1: @IndoJumpingBoA’s Official Merchandises


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Videos of the Day: Random K-pop MVs! (BoA, Taeyang, etc.)

13 Aug

Kpop grabs my world all over again LOL I’m joking. These are some videos from Kpop singers that recommended for you. Just watch, listen carefully, & dang! You’ll love it! 🙂

#1: Taeyang – I need a girl (Ver.2/Dance ver.)

I damn love it since the first time I listened to this song. In fact, I’m rarely listen to Taeyang’s solo songs. Wedding Dress is ok, but in my opinion, this song is so good & I can’t stop to listen to it. In the video, Sandara Park of 2NE1 became the role model & she even did the choreo. She’s really gorgeous. I love the whole choreos with those simple black & white outfits. Well, G-Dragon looks great too! Oh, I actually loved it for months, so I took it on the first place.

#2: BoA – GAME

Yaay~ The real queen of Kpop is back! She’s not only a queen of Kpop, but she’s the brightest star of Asia & the world! As a fan of BoA, I’m glad that she’s back to Korean music industry since her last album `GIRLS ON TOP` on 2005.  She brings a new style in her 6th album `HURRICANE VENUS`. Her music style became heavier. Of course, I’m so surprised when I see this video. `Game` has been chosen as BoA’s first music video of `Hurricane Venus` & it’s been released on the album release’s time countdown. This video shows BoA with sexy & mature features, blonde hair-dye, & there’s even a scene showed BoA with her friends clinking in a ‘small party’. She’s already became a woman, not a girl anymore 🙂 About the song, to be honest, I love it more than `Hurricane Venus`. The beats may lighter than `Hurricane Venus` & I thought, that’s the point. Dunno why, I really want to see her performed this song on the stages 😦


This is the main song of BoA’s 6th album. As I said above, `Game` took a place more for me more than this song. Okay, the choreo may looked cool & sexy. The video also looked have so many futurism & modern features. I just don’t like some mixed sounds that made it kinda cracked up.It’s annoying for me. Overall, I still like it.

#4: Big Bang – LaLaLa

An old one XD I just realized that this song sounds good. The members looked young, so different with their current features. The point is G-dragon have lines on this song, not only for rapping. He sounds ok though. I just confused how come he gets less lines now.

#5: Secret – Madonna

I never listened to Secret’s songs. Yeah, it’s honest. I see that this song became a hot topic, and so, I’m trying to listen to it. The MV showed the mature style of Secret members & I thought they’re succeeded. They left their younger style & it fits them well. The song isn’t bad, I just thinking that their ‘Madonna~donna~’ line sounds weird =p The choreo seems similar with their previous song `Magic` that also sounds good.

Those are the good videos that recommended. Even though you’re not a Kpop lover, just try to listen to those songs. Who knows, you will love them lol. So random. Well, I hope BoA will make a music video of her ballad main song `옆사람 (Stand By)`. It’s so beautiful. I wanna see her ballad song became an MV 😦

Am I over writing?

Random caps from miss A’s “Bad Girl, Good Girl” MV. Spam time!

8 Jul

I dunno, but I just want to sharthese random captures from my new favorite girlgroup miss A~ LOL
Be sure to check out their music video “BAD GIRL, GOOD GIRL.

(click to view the actual sizes)

miss A - Min

miss A - Suzy

miss A - Jia

miss A - Fei

Bad Girl, Good Girl~ ♫

Spam?? =D

Video of the Day: miss A – Bad Girl, Good Girl

8 Jul

Let’s take a break for a while! =D

All of Kpop lovers must have know about the news that a lot of newbie debuted this year. And of course, the most booming one is for girlgroup. There’s a lot of girlgroups debuted along since 2009 until now. I even just know some of them lol

In 2009, I felt in love with the newcomers such as After School and f(x). I also like some songs from 2NE1 and 4Minute. Although that, I have no new idol, or I can say that no one impressed me. There’s also a lot of girlgroups out on 2010, such as SISTAR or Girl’s Day. But I just have interest with this one: miss A, the new girlgroup from AQ Entertainment, a sub-label of JYP Entertainment.

Suzy, Min, Fei, & Jia

miss A is a 4-membered group, consist of 2 members from China, Fei & Jia; also 2 members from Korea, Min & Suzy. They debuted with their main song “Bad Girl, Good Girl” from their first mini album “BAD BUT GOOD” released on July 1st, 2010. They have their first debut stage at MNET M!Countdown on the same day.

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Orin’s Exclusives – Wonder Girls’ Indonesian News Translations, Photos, etc.

26 Jun

Hello! As you may know that I’m a great fan of Kpop. On June 20th, 2010, the Wonder Girls came to my country, Indonesia for the first time! They have a duty as Digital Brand Ambassador of Sony Ericsson in Asia Pacific. Indonesia also in the list where they should promote the brand & this is a precious moment for the fans to see them directly. How lucky Indonesian Wonderfuls!

FYI, the Wonder Girls arrived in Indonesia on June 19th, 2010 at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta, after they finished the promotions in Singapore. There’s a lot of Indonesian Wonderfuls came to the airport to give them a warm welcome & show them how excited we are to see them next night. On the afternoon, Sony Ericsson Indonesia & the girls made a press conference in Hotel Mulia, Jakarta, as a warm up for their showcase. Even though I didn’t come to the press conference, there’s a lot of my cyber friends said that Indonesian fans gathered at the place to see the Wonder Girls nearly. (See more on my fanaccount)

Anyways, I want to share some of news translations that translated from any Indonesian news portal about the Wonder Girls. I’ll also post some photos that taken by Indonesian Wonderfuls as well as I finished the news translations. For more excitements, I may post some fanaccounts (including mine) about how wonderful that night when the Wonder Girls made the stage hot! So, please enjoy!

MTV Iggy Summer Fun

Courtesy of MTV Iggy - Summer Fun Photoshoot


EDIT (August 13th, 2010):

Hi all! It’s been a month since the last post about Wonder Girls. It’s august already & I have so many things to do for my life & I’m currently preparing to enter the university next month. So, I decided to finish the translations project. Although that, I’ll post new photos that I found when the Wonder Girls came to Jakarta. Overall, Indonesian Wonderfuls, let’s hope & pray so the girls will be back to Jakarta very soon! Also, thanks for people who would like to visit my blog & read the posts. I didn’t mean to stop posting like this, but I would love to share the other things that also interesting & fresh. So, please keep enjoy! 🙂



Video of the Day: BoA – Energetic

22 Aug

Report to the Dance Floor!! 😀

Credits: sment @ YouTube