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Wonder Girls’ Showcase in Indonesia Photos (Part.2)

26 Jun

“Wonder Girls Meet & Greet 20 Juni 2010”

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Wonder Girls’ Showcase Photos in Indonesia (Part.1)

26 Jun

Wonder Girls in Indonesia

Source: Sony Ericsson Society Indonesia’s Facebook
Re-uploaded by Orin.


26 Jun


Courtesy of CosmoGIRL! Indonesia

Sony Ericsson introduced the Digital Brand Ambassador Wonder Girls to the public in Indonesia.

You all surely know the song “Nobody”, this song is a phenomenon in YouTube as it’s been watched by more about 11 millions people until now. Yeah! This song is brought to you by 5 beautiful girls from South Korea, they are Sun Ye (Sun), Yu Bin, Ye Eun (Yenny), So Hee, and Hye Lim and named themselves as Wonder Girls. Few times ago, Sony Ericsson took them to be the Digital Brand Ambassador 2010 for Asia Pacific region. As the digital brand ambassador, they’ll make a tour in Asia Pacific to make the effort of Sony Ericsson in digital rooms alive by touching the fans through the program Spread The Wonder. The purpose of this program itself is too bosting the public of Indonesia to shared their digital experiences in any social networks. Wonder Girls arrived at Jakarta on June 19th, 2010 from Singapore and they directly gone to Sayap Ibu Orphans Foundation in Barito, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta to do their humanity duty as a part of CSR Sony Ericsson’s program by presented a donation from Sony Ericsson’s products sale results as the program Spread The Wonder goes on. And tomorrow, they will shake up Jakarta with their new single “2 Different Tears”. Wow… CG!’s salute…

Source: CosmoGIRL! Indonesia
Translated by Orin.

Orin’s Fanaccount – Wonder Girls’ Showcase in Jakarta (June 20th, 2010)

26 Jun

This is my personal fanaccount. I came to the showcase to see my idol & it’s just like a dream come true! There’s just plenty Kpop artistes who already came to Indonesia & it was few years ago. By the time, the Wonder Girls came here and make the fans of Kpop in Indonesia excited to see them!

I found this at a store of Sony Ericsson in Pondok Indah Mall, Jakarta (June 14, 2010)

Sony Ericsson has pointed the Korean phenomenon Wonder Girls as the Brand Ambassador for Asia Pacific. The brand then make a tour plan in Asia Pacific’s countries where they would promote Sony Ericsson, and it’s including Indonesia. After the girls made an appearance in Singapore, they fly to Jakarta on June 19th, and arrived at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. What I heard from my friends, there are many fans came to the airport. A bus then picked up the girls to the hotel where they would be stay & make a press a conference.

The press conference itself held by Sony Ericsson with the Wonder Girls on 19th’s afternoon. There were many Indonesian Wonderfuls gathered & join the event. I didn’t know it was happened & I was just at home. If I knew the time of the press conference, I should be there at the time! Unlucky me.

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Orin’s Exclusives – Wonder Girls’ Indonesian News Translations, Photos, etc.

26 Jun

Hello! As you may know that I’m a great fan of Kpop. On June 20th, 2010, the Wonder Girls came to my country, Indonesia for the first time! They have a duty as Digital Brand Ambassador of Sony Ericsson in Asia Pacific. Indonesia also in the list where they should promote the brand & this is a precious moment for the fans to see them directly. How lucky Indonesian Wonderfuls!

FYI, the Wonder Girls arrived in Indonesia on June 19th, 2010 at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta, after they finished the promotions in Singapore. There’s a lot of Indonesian Wonderfuls came to the airport to give them a warm welcome & show them how excited we are to see them next night. On the afternoon, Sony Ericsson Indonesia & the girls made a press conference in Hotel Mulia, Jakarta, as a warm up for their showcase. Even though I didn’t come to the press conference, there’s a lot of my cyber friends said that Indonesian fans gathered at the place to see the Wonder Girls nearly. (See more on my fanaccount)

Anyways, I want to share some of news translations that translated from any Indonesian news portal about the Wonder Girls. I’ll also post some photos that taken by Indonesian Wonderfuls as well as I finished the news translations. For more excitements, I may post some fanaccounts (including mine) about how wonderful that night when the Wonder Girls made the stage hot! So, please enjoy!

MTV Iggy Summer Fun

Courtesy of MTV Iggy - Summer Fun Photoshoot


EDIT (August 13th, 2010):

Hi all! It’s been a month since the last post about Wonder Girls. It’s august already & I have so many things to do for my life & I’m currently preparing to enter the university next month. So, I decided to finish the translations project. Although that, I’ll post new photos that I found when the Wonder Girls came to Jakarta. Overall, Indonesian Wonderfuls, let’s hope & pray so the girls will be back to Jakarta very soon! Also, thanks for people who would like to visit my blog & read the posts. I didn’t mean to stop posting like this, but I would love to share the other things that also interesting & fresh. So, please keep enjoy! 🙂