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Random stuffs?.. Part 1!

17 Aug

Yaay~ Finally! A random post totally for random stuffs! (It seems like my life’s full of randomness, huh?)

Stuff #1

Cheap but worthy! I got this for only 30.000 rupiahs! Totally cool, eh??

Stuff #2

I love this white nail polish so much. I was given by my auntie when we were gone to The Face Shop in a mall when I was on Pontianak =D

Stuff #3

Yesterday, my bestie, Imel, came to my home & she brought traditional facial mask. Sooooo fresh~!

Stuff #4

I found 2 amazing arts of Wonder GirlsSohee at my campus. So random, then I thought these were made by a random DKV (Desain Komunikasi Visual) student. Pretty!