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Random stuffs?.. Part 1!

17 Aug

Yaay~ Finally! A random post totally for random stuffs! (It seems like my life’s full of randomness, huh?)

Stuff #1

Cheap but worthy! I got this for only 30.000 rupiahs! Totally cool, eh??

Stuff #2

I love this white nail polish so much. I was given by my auntie when we were gone to The Face Shop in a mall when I was on Pontianak =D

Stuff #3

Yesterday, my bestie, Imel, came to my home & she brought traditional facial mask. Sooooo fresh~!

Stuff #4

I found 2 amazing arts of Wonder GirlsSohee at my campus. So random, then I thought these were made by a random DKV (Desain Komunikasi Visual) student. Pretty!



Video of the Day: miss A – Bad Girl, Good Girl

8 Jul

Let’s take a break for a while! =D

All of Kpop lovers must have know about the news that a lot of newbie debuted this year. And of course, the most booming one is for girlgroup. There’s a lot of girlgroups debuted along since 2009 until now. I even just know some of them lol

In 2009, I felt in love with the newcomers such as After School and f(x). I also like some songs from 2NE1 and 4Minute. Although that, I have no new idol, or I can say that no one impressed me. There’s also a lot of girlgroups out on 2010, such as SISTAR or Girl’s Day. But I just have interest with this one: miss A, the new girlgroup from AQ Entertainment, a sub-label of JYP Entertainment.

Suzy, Min, Fei, & Jia

miss A is a 4-membered group, consist of 2 members from China, Fei & Jia; also 2 members from Korea, Min & Suzy. They debuted with their main song “Bad Girl, Good Girl” from their first mini album “BAD BUT GOOD” released on July 1st, 2010. They have their first debut stage at MNET M!Countdown on the same day.

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Wonder Girls stirred up Jakarta’s audiences

29 Jun

They succeded brought up 3000 audiences singing to their hit “Nobody” together

2010.06.21 | 13:42 WIB (West Indonesia Standard Time)

Courtesy of VIVAnews.com

VIVAnews – The invasion of 5 girls from South Korea, Wonder Girls is like a magnet for K-pop fans. In their showcase at Kartika Expo, Balai Kartini, Jakarta on Sunday night, 06/20/2010, Sunye and friends succeded entertain for about 3000 audiences who always yelled their name.

According to VIVAnews’ observations, the audiences’ queue to watch the singer of hits “Nobody” has been long since afternoon before the showcase gate opened. Even though the schedule’s late, the showcase titled “Spread The Wonder” which bringing up the Wonder Girls, opened on 7.30PM with an opening from SHE who hitting up with “Jomblowati”.

(cut the translation which not-Wonder Girls-contented)

Before the Wonder Girls showed up as the ending, the committee also give some fun entertainments to Indonesian Wonderfuls (the fans of Wonder Girls) who has been participated in the contest “Dance Like The Wonder Girls” in many cities.

They showed up their talents by dancing like the Wonder Girls for their hits “Nobody”. The winner of this contest is chosen by Wonder Girls themselves. And the result of the winner is a group named S! Project.

Wonder Girls’ hit which entitled “Nobody” has become a phenomenon in YouTube and recorded as it has been watched by more than 11k watcher until now. This song also succeded ranked on the top of Billboard chart.

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Wonder Girls’ shall-be-brought things

29 Jun

2010.06.20 | 15:17 WIB (West Indonesia Standard Time)

Courtesy of Kompas.com

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com — The members of Wonder Girls, a vocal group from South Korea, have their own personal shall-be-brought things, including when they came to Jakarta.

A member of Wonder Girls, Sun Ye a.k.a Sun, told that high heels is a thing that must always be with her, because she loves to wear it. “I’m always bringing my high heels for sure, because it’s so fashionable,” said Sun, who came to Jakarta with her fellow members, Saturday (June 19th, 2010).

Different with Sun, So Hee revealed she should brought glasses anytime she goes. Meanwhile, Ye Eun a.k.a Yenny cannot be far from her cellphone. “I think, this mini cellphone is the most important one. This is so stylish and it helps me so much when I communicated with people,” said Yenny while showing her cellphone.

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Wonder Girls often greet their fans through Twitter

29 Jun

2010.06.20 | 13:27 WIB (West Indonesia Standard Time)

Courtesy of Kompas.com

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com — A vocal group from South Korea, Wonder Girls, have a method to make their relationship tight with their fans. They often greet their fans through a social network, Twitter. They do it almost every time they use their cellphones.

“I often use my cellphone to commuicate with fans. I use twitter,” said a member of Wonder Girls, Ye Eun a.k.a Yenny in english, in a special interview with Kompas.com, at Hotel Mulia, Jakarta, Saturday (June 19th, 2010).

Yenny said, she always shared anything that happened in Wonder Girls’ activities with the fans through twitter. She also informed everyone about their visit to Indonesia on the site. When they arrived in Indonesia this morning, Yenny greeted everyone through her twitter status. She revealed that the status got so much comments from the fans. There are many fans even commented in Indonesian.

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Sony Ericsson introduced Wonder Girls as the Digital Brand Ambassador 2010

27 Jun


Courtesy of Rileks.com

Recently, Sony Ericsson assigned Wonder Girls as the brand ambassador 2010 for Asia Pacific. As a distinguished brand with the best portofolio of communication entertainment this time, Sony Ericsson gives a chance for its consumers to take a part of this group’s activities who communicated with family & friends, about anythings happened on their trip through social networking Facebook and Twitter.

Wonder Girls is a 5-membered-group from South Korea who become famous because of their exsistensy in virtual world. They are one of plenty Asia’s artists who succed breaking through the USA market with their hit single Nobody. This song has been a phenomenon in YouTube & already watched by about more than 11 millions people until now.

“We’re really understand that the develop of social media and digital has changed consumer’s experiences in using of mobile phones, especially how they consumed mobile contents. With the Wonder Girls, we want to make what called communication entertainment being real,” said Djunadi Satrio, Sony Ericsson Indonesia’s Head of Marketing.

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Wonder Girls is ready to shake up Jakarta tomorrow

26 Jun

Courtesy of Kompas.com

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – A group vocal from South Korea, Wonder Girls will entertain their fans in Indonesia. They will be showed up at a showcase in Kartika Expo Center, Balai Kartini, Sunday (June 20th, 2010).

The showcase is one of Wonder Girls’ list visit in Indonesia. Tomorrow, they will surely shakin’ up Jakarta and K-pop lovers. The Digital Brand Ambassador of Sony Ericsson 2010 for Asia Pacific region will be performing their talents with some of their hits, including their new single, 2 Different Tears. This showcase will be opened by a female band SHE and Vidi Aldiano.

“We cannot wait to entertain Jakarta. Tomorrow, we will bring a special performance, so for today we have a lot things to be prepared,” said Yenny, a member of Wonder Girls, on the press conference at Hotel Mulia, Jakarta, Saturday (June 19th, 2010).

Besides the showcase, Wonder Girls who consisted of Sun Ye a.k.a Sun, Yu Bin, Ye Eun a.k.a Yenny, So Hee, and Hye Lim also do a social activity in Jakarta. They visited Sayap Ibu Orphans Foundation at Barito, Jakarta, this morning. They presented a donation and teach the kids how to dance to their hits, Nobody, there.

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